Rock-Solid Engineering Services

  • Do you want to break new ground, with novel devices, software and services?
  • Do you want to test your product ideas quickly, before committing large engineering budgets for features that, in the end, your customers might not even care for?
  • When you have a product version that customers like, do you want to further optimize it, e.g. towards reduced unit costs or "industrial strength", in a systematic way?
  • In other words: do you want to build multiple product versions rapidly, but still remain on solid engineering ground rather than just "hacking away" and hope for the best?
  • Do you want to travel in the company of experienced professionals?

Then let us be your mountain guides!

  • We are an international group of independent companies that offer engineering services
  • Our common foundation is solid software and hardware engineering in the embedded space
  • Our various specialties can be combined, in whatever way makes the most sense for you and your project
  • All of us have contributed substantially to the wider community, in the form of open source software or hardware – e.g., by developing NETMF for STM32 or the Mountaineer Platform

Get more information about the members of the Mountaineer Group and about its history.