Members of the Mountaineer Group

The Mountaineer Group is dedicated to innovative and high-quality engineering in the embedded space. The following companies are members of the Mountaineer Group:

We at Oberon microsystems focus on software engineering for the Internet of Things.

We at CSA Engineering focus on challenging solutions in hardware and software development. You have the vision - we develop the product. Our specialties are:

innovActive Engineering is a company made of passionate electronic engineers and software specialists who share a passion for innovation. We take advantage of a broad spectrum of technologies, both hardware and software, focusing on finding the best custom tailored solution for our clients. Our specialties are:

  • Working together with our clients, understanding their processes and needs, and pinpointing the most convenient technology for the task at hand
  • Covering all steps to get from the problem to the solution, or solutions, using an approach that benefits from our double expertise in both the worlds of enterprise grade software and cutting edge hardware
  • Putting our know-how at work in the field, covering the entire development process in real-world scenarios, from hardware design to firmware and software development, from the assembly of custom devices to the realization of the Web services and the data bases that those devices may use to communicate, store data, or do whatever our customers may need 
  • Leading a thriving community of technologists focused on the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework technology, being a vital part of our software developers community