"Congratulations! Great to see this cooperation across different NETMF manufacturers, and your leadership. I’m particularly grateful since you’ve paved the way for a halving of the cost of Gadgeteer mainboards!"

James Scott, Microsoft Research, Cambridge

"It is exciting to see Oberon and CSA delivering another high quality release for NETMF. The quality and care of their work makes this port for Cortex-M one of the best offerings of this kind in the industry. Congratulations!"

Lorenzo Tessiore, Microsoft

"I'd like to thank Oberon microsystems, who created and donated the original STM32 port of the .NET Micro Framework."

Chris Walker, President and CTO Secret Labs LLC

"This port has opened the door for C# and .NET to the most important microcontroller architecture for small devices, Cortex-M. It provides a stable base for extending and customising a port for STM M3/M4 based embedded devices. It has saved us many 'man months' of development time in bringing custom platforms to market."

Simon Taylor, Sytech Designs Ltd

"If everyone involved in NETMF contributed as much as the Mountaineer team did, NETMF would be available for every board and every microcontroller! We hope that the team will continue to provide the same quality and support for long years to come. So yeah, THANKS!"

Gus Issa, President & CEO GHI Electronics, LLC