Mountaineer Release 4.2 QFE2

Note: There exists newer firmware, see here.




Mountaineer boards are shipped with NETMF 4.2 QFE1 preinstalled.

NETMF 4.2 QFE2 offers major enhancements, in particular the use of WinUSB, which is built into Windows Vista or newer. This allows to do away with board- and NETMF-specific USB drivers, which have not always been robust. WinUSB is a user mode USB driver, which means that errors cannot crash the entire operating system. No more "Blue Screens of Death".

A new feature of QFE2 is the analog output API that was contributed by Oberon microsystems, a member of the Mountaineer Group.

This page describes how you can update your system to QFE2 and provides the necessary files.

Warning: At this time, the Gadgeteer libraries have not yet been tested with QFE2. So you should only move to QFE2 if you work directly with the "plain vanilla" NETMF APIs, and do not use the Gadgeteer APIs. Thus Gadgeteer is not supported at the moment (support is planned for NETMF 4.3).

Warning: WinUSB only comes preinstalled with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. On the older Windows XP, it can be installed, but this is not trivial, has not been tested and is not supported.

Warning: WinUSB may not work with some virtual machines, thus QFE2 is not supported for development and deployment from virtual machines.

To install NETMF QFE2, please follow the steps given in the following PDF document:

Mountaineer Firmware and USB Driver Installation Guide for NETMF 4.2 QFE2
Document that describes how you can install the Mountaineer firmware NETMF 4.2 QFE2.
Mountaineer Firmware and USB Driver Inst
Adobe Acrobat Document 529.7 KB

The firmware and driver files for the two board types, as mentioned in the PDF document above, can be downloaded from here:

Mountaineer USB Drivers
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 2.5 MB

The above archives have been updated with new versions on 17 July 2014.

You can find the NETMF source code of the Mountaineer firmware on our Codeplex site.

If you are working with plain vanilla NETMF and Mountaineer boards, you need the Mountaineer.Netmf.Hardware project in order to use board-specific features:

Mountaineer.Netmf.Hardware (Visual Studio project)
Visual Studio project for the namespace "Mountaineer.Netmf.Hardware". This project is NOT needed if you use the .NET Gadgeteer platform APIs.
Mountaineer.Netmf.Hardware V20120613 .zi
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 45.8 KB